Helping Women Farmers Pursue Alternative Livelihoods In Uttarakhand

September 27, 2016
By Rang De Team
More than 100+ women are employed in this cooperative

In Uttarakhand, there is very little market activity which makes it hard for farmers to sell their harvest. Animals also damage the crop while forest fires have increased in frequency decreasing the little income that farmers earn.

With your help, we have begun to provide livelihood loans to women in rural areas in Uttarakhand so they can contribute to their family.

To aid the hilly region, HARC, our latest Impact partner, started a women-centric cooperative in Chamoli in 2009 to give women an equal, active and efficient way of participating in the development process.

They wish to provide economic independence to women farmers of the mountain region by providing diversified livelihood options.

The cooperative is designed in such a way that women get various job opportunities. The cooperative has a factory with specialised equipment that produces over 31 different range of products.

Their main products are green tea, jam, marmalade, squashes, chutneys, pickles and spices and they follow the principle of Harvest to Packaging using the freshest ingredients for their products.

From harvesting oranges to making jam, everyone has a job

The rural women in the cooperative are the sole beneficiary of all the sale proceeds.

The surrounding area known for producing wild oranges called malta which is peeled, cut and the juice is extracted for making jam.

Employees are provided training so they can use machines learning new skills. The cooperative also buys the produce from the region and use them for their products reducing the burden on the farmer.

All employees work in the central branch located in Chamoli but some women who work on green tea can take their work home, carrying out activities such as plucking and drying of the leaves.

Many of the women also work on plucking tea leaves

Contributions from our Social Investors can help HARC in their endeavour to maximise employment for over 100+ women producers.

The cooperative has also purchased a mobile van that consists of the simple machinery required for the production of a few products so that women who have limited access or disabilities can also work and earn a decent income.

Having started from nothing, HARC has empowered and changed the lives of hundreds of women in Uttarakhand.

We invite you to contribute to their working capital loan request this month so that women in Uttarakhand can continue to play a very significant role in the development of their family, community and state.

Rang De has partnered with HARC since August 2016 and we hope that this association continues to benefit the women of Uttarakhand. Thank you for helping us in the empowerment of over 30 women seeking to start dairy farming businesses in Uttarakhand.

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