Give me your reason!

November 14, 2009
By Rang De Team

Rang De wrote to the supporters of our cause to ask them what prompted them to sign up their support and we got some original, true and honest responses.

Shobhit Bansal works as Program manager at IBM India. He says, “ It is the only way to help infinite number of needy people. A person is needy because of his circumstances and micro loaning ensures that his dignity is intact. He will eventually return the money with interest. The money goes to the right hands through Rang De — as the beneficiary receives, benefits and returns the loan”. Well said, Shobhit!

Rajaram Santhanam another one of our social investors who works for Zoho at Chennai says, “ Rang De enables the common man to make a difference in alleviating poverty. Imagine this, people can loan (not donate) as less as 100 rupees to help somebody realize the dream of running their own business, however small it is. Rajaram, you are our cause champ!

Then there is Arjun Zacharia who says,” I want to be the opportunity who will change atleast one person’s life” and Rajiv Gupta adds an interesting thought,”

“ When a small step can make an impact, then why not step ahead?” He vouches to ensure that given time, more people will realize the potential of how small amounts of money can put big smiles on a few faces!

You are, undoubtedly, our rock stars!