Evenings with conversations, coffee and a whole lot of inspiration

October 18, 2017
By Rang De Team

When we think of investment, we mostly think of capital and returns. But at Rang De, our social investors put in more than their moolah and for reasons that go far beyond reaping returns; they invest their time, effort and trust in our work to help uplift the less privileged.

At two Rang De “Coffee Conversations” events recently, in Mumbai and Pune, I had the privilege of meeting some of our dedicated social investors over steaming cups of coffee. We talked about what’s happening at Rang De, our plans for the future and our projects across the country. It was a delight to hear our social investors talk with confidence and pride about the Rang De model for fighting poverty.

After our long and animated discussions at both the events, I left with more than just the satisfaction of a successful meeting; I was thoroughly inspired by these socially responsible and passionate individuals who go the extra mile for the less fortunate. Like a social investor who is an engineer by night and volunteers with 18 NGOs during the day. Or one of them, who readily offered his home to host Rang De events anytime of the year.

Our social investors in Mumbai posing for the camera after a fruitful session on what more we can do to fight poverty.

The display of camaraderie amongst the members was heartening to watch and so was their enthusiasm in joining us despite the bad weather. It wasn’t hard to see how deeply they identified with our cause of fighting poverty. In fact, it would be more appropriate to call it ‘their’ cause, considering their zeal in asking questions and offering suggestions.

The Pune chapter in full force on a rainy evening after sharing their plans for next month

We have always believed that Rang De is not just a social investment platform, it is a vibrant community of people who are deeply invested in bringing about social change; close to 13,000 individuals from across 42 countries. Change-makers who’ve joined forces to help eradicate poverty in India. And our belief was validated over the last few days, over some hot cups of coffee.

To know more about our chapters and to join one, please write to empathy@rangde.org. To know more about Rang De, please visit www.rangde.org