January 18, 2011
By Rang De Team

No event can get close to the scale or enthusiasm of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon. I happened to be part of the euphoria this year and it was simply mind blowing. If at 5.30 am in the morning, there were trains packed with people trying to get to the starting point of the marathon or to cheer those who were participating, it can happen only in Mumbai. I have always heard about the spirit of Mumbai and for the first time ever had the opportunity to experience it and have now begun to believe in it.

<i><i><i>All set to knock out poverty</i></i></i>!

Rang Dehad a big bunch of runners — a group of 65 employees from Axis Bank along with thirty plus volunteers from the Mumbai chapter. To see their excitement at 7.00 am in the morning to cheer and spread the word about Rang De was unbelievable. While most of us opted for the dream run to create awareness about Rang De, there were a few of our supporters who were the serious runners. Some did the half marathon and a couple of them even did the full marathon of 42 kms.

<i><i><i><i>Rang De Supporters from Axis Bank and the Mumbai Chapter</i></i></i></i>!

It is almost impossible to sum up the Mumbai marathon Experience in one blog post. The event brings together people from different walks of life for different reasons. For some, it is about a cause. For a few others it is about the city. For a few others it is a personal triumph over their own selves. Every individual present there had a different reason to be there! But the best part of it all was that it brought everyone together. The ones who could not make it to the event were glued to their sofas catching the event on their tele.

<i>The Rang De Mumbai Chapter</i>

For a country where scams are unearthed and hushed up every day, events like the Mumbai Marathon give people a chance to express themselves. It gives people an experience of being part of a society and an eco-system to which they are individually and socially responsible!

To comply with RBI regulations, Rang De’s lending operations are moving from to our brand new platform Visit to continue social investing.

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