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October 4, 2010
By Rang De Team
By Smita Ram, Rang De Team

There was Peepli Live and then there was the Freedom Concert and now we have a ‘Freedom?’ Campaign. Beginning this Independence Day we have launched a series of campaigns around the theme of Freedom. It is not because of a lack of a better theme. It is because we believe that our country is not free in the ‘true’ sense of the word. When we have millions of people living below poverty line with no access to some basic amenities, it is a real shame that we even call ourselves an emerging nation. If one were to leave aside the IT boom, is there anything else that we have achieved as a country?

The ‘Freedom?’ Campaign is an attempt by Rang De to emphasize on the lopsided nature of our economic growth or any development initiative for that matter.There are people around us with whom we interact and work with on a daily basis. While we get take for granted our access to finance, health care and education, there are people in our own eco-system who see this as a distant dream.

Be it your domestic help, an office assistant you interact with, your friendly auto driver who drops you to office every day. Talk to them and share their story. You could share the story in the following ways:

1) If you believe pictures speak more than a 1000 words, send us a picture that tells the story.
2) If you are a ‘wordsmith’ send us a story along with a picture of the person you have spoken to.
3) If you want to add perspective to your story, send us a video.

You can email your entries to freedom@rangde.org. Here is the campaign roll out plan:

4th October — 24th October: Rang De will accept entries. We will start show casing some of the stories during this period.

24th October to 2nd November: We will share all the stories and let you decide and vote for the best ones.

4th November: Announce the campaign winner — The winner is the individual whose story gets the maximum votes.

Prize: The individual featured in the winner’s story will get a loan of upto a maximum of Rs.10,000.

After 11 years of operations, Rang De is now taking a massive leap forward with our brand new peer-to-peer lending platform rangde.in. Check it out.

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