Educating the children of waste pickers in Bengaluru

May 4, 2017
By Rang De Team

Rang De provides low-cost education loans to children of the waste picker community in Bengaluru

“Our children deserve an education too”. One of our borrowers in Bengaluru said these words; the ‘our’ referring to the waste picking community. She is a waste picker associated with Hasirudala, one of Rang De’s field partners in Bengaluru.

We all know that getting an education is important but is good-quality education really accessible to everyone in our country?

To a low-income family, with no history of higher education and an average monthly household income of Rs 8000, the costs of providing an education — school fees, uniforms, costs of books — can be difficult to bear in one go. In such cases, the child often drops out of school or college.

Over the years, Rang De has been working to provide the waste pickers associated with Hasirudala access to low-cost loans education loans as an important part of our mission to financially empower low-income communities and fight poverty. Till date, we have disbursed 3600+ education loans, amounting to Rs 4 crores, of which 28 lakhs have been disbursed to Hasirudala alone.

An education loan, which can be repaid over the course of a year, covers the initial expenses of education and allows many families to bear the costs of educating their children.

At 2.5% interest rate, these education loans are the cheapest loans that we offer because we firmly believe that education is a right, not a privilege.

Hasiruadala, which is a member-based organisation of waste pickers in Bengaluru, works on various fronts to remove the social stigma associated with waste picking.

Rang De provides education loans to children from economic and socially disadvantaged backgrounds

Nadhiya, a waste picker who lives in the slums around J C Road in Bengaluru, is taking great pains to provide her five children with an education, all of whom go to a private school near their house. For many families like Nadhiya’s, education takes on a quality of aspiration, offering a way out of age-old discrimination and poverty. Though she is takes pride in the work she does, Nadhiya is sending her children to school because she wanted something better for them “I want my generation to be the last to pick waste for a living” she said.

This month, Rang De is raising funds to provide low-cost education loans to children of waste pickers associated with Hasiru Dala as well as children of rural weavers in Manipur.

Loans like these, made possible through small amounts of money lent by people like you, allow women such as Nadhiya to bear the expenses of educating her children.

Start by lending Rs 100 with Rang De and help educate a child. You can fulfill education loan requests here.