Digital Diwali Crackers — Share The Joy of Diwali with the Rest of India in An…

October 21, 2016
By Rang De Team
Join our novel campaign to celebrate a #DigitalDiwali by purchasing digital crackers that you can share with friends and family members that will also benefit someone else in rural India

Diwali is coming in a few days and it is a time for gifts, family, presents and festivities!

It is also a time for all of us to celebrate the festival of light with firecrackers, diyas and phooljadis.

As the statistics show from last year, the air quality reaches “severe” or “very poor” levels on Diwali night

But it is also one of the most polluted nights of the year throughout the country as the noise, the smoke and the rubbish on the streets puts immense stress on the already strained infrastructure in our cities.

Don’t say no to crackers. Celebrate online

For many, a time of joy and lights
For many others, just another festivity that they miss on!

While we wholeheartedly enjoy the reverie and fun that can be had on Diwali, we would like to remind our fellow Indians that there are scores of people still living under poverty in India for whom just getting another meal is a challenge.

According to the International Food Policy Research Institute in Washington, India ranked 97 among 118 countries on the Global Hunger Index. India fared worse than all its neighbours — China, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

We would like to invite all of you to consider purchasing a ‘digital cracker’, the cost of which will be disbursed to a an organisation in need of funds on our crowdfunded micro-lending platform.

Flower Pot — 200
Red Bijli — 500
Bomb — 700
Box of crackers — 1000 and above

We offer digital crackers in denominations of Rs 200, Rs 500, Rs 700 and
Rs 1000 on our platform.

A pet-friendly way to celebrate

What sounds loud to the human ear becomes four times louder to a dog and even more to a cat. Our pets and animals around us struggle to make sense of their surroundings on these nights.

Street animals also suffer the most on Diwali as they are more susceptible to burn injuries due to the bombs and rockets that are constantly released by children and revellers. Street dogs also run away due to fear from their territories and can get emotionally traumatised because of all the commotion.

A digital cracker can be your way to signify your desire to show care for our furry friends and you can use it as an opportunity to raise awareness for animal welfare on the day of the festival.

At Rang De, we are also the proud owners of a desi dog that we have been looking after for the past year. We have seen Berry grow from a tiny little pup (see picture) to an active, rambunctious and fun-loving young dog that many office members take turn to foster over the week.

We would love it if you could support us as we seek to raise awareness for her kind.

Aagor Weaves — Helping 110 Bodo Women Get Working Capital For Their Weaves

The organisation that will receive the funds will use it to provide working capital to 110 women from 12 villages. These women have been assured a fixed wage for the first time in their lives and are now getting a fair wage for their produce.

Aagor also carries out a housemaid rehabilitation programme where women in such professions get training for six months and switch to the weaving profession thereby getting stability and a fixed income.

Do purchase a digital cracker to support Aagor so that they can continue to pay for the wages of these women and buy raw yarn they can use for their work.

Light up lives of our weavers by lighting a digital cracker!

By transitioning into an NBFC P2P under the new RBI guidelines, Rang De is taking a step forward in social investing. Join us today by visiting our platform