Corporate Connect at Zoho

September 22, 2009
By Rang De Team

The only reason we have been able to sustain our initiative and are in fact even expanding our reach to every corner of the country is because we get a lot of support from people from all walks of life. We met some kindred souls at Zoho on Saturday!

When we initiated talks about a corporate awareness and fund raising program for Rang De with Guru at Zoho, he was extremely receptive to the idea but skeptical about the participation. We realized that timing was everything, of course. So we agreed to host the event at the cafeteria during lunch, last Saturday. To host an event on a working weekend had its set of limitations. We had limited time over lunch break and we had to make the most of it.

We created some fun activities to help build awareness and support for our initiative in a unique and non-traditional way and sent out a mailer with the details. Within minutes of sending out the e-mail with information about the event, the analytics on the Rang De website showed that there were close to 120 people on the site, all from Zoho!

We still kept our fingers crossed.

At lunch on Saturday, we witnessed employees from Zoho enthusiastically participating in our “Knock out” event and they left inspired and with a real sense that they were making a difference. Here is proof! At the end of the day we had, nine social investments, six volunteers and one person who was willing to start the Rang De chapter in Chennai! An afternoon well spent!

Even though fund raising is an essential component of corporate events, Rang De aspired to make the employees of Zoho feel connected to how their actions can create a social impact.

If you want to raise the bar for giving at your place of work, we can invite your staff or fellow employees over at a corporate event like that.

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