Photo Essay: Life in the hills of Uttarakhand

Posted By Rang De Team in Agriculture, LivelihoodsPhoto Essay: Life in the hills of Uttarakhand

Early this summer, I was on an arduous trek — made difficult only because it was after a hearty meal — to meet Pushpa Devi, one of our borrowers in Dehradun’s Lakhamandal. While we sat down at Pushpa’s house, I heard about her temperamental cow, quite aptly called Kali. Kali doesn’t allow anyone else but Pushpa to handle her — whether […]

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The farm widows of India: Perumalla Vinodha’s story

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Perumalla Vinodha (right) is one of thousands of ‘farm widows’ in India, a term that refers to women who are left behind when their farmer husbands commit suicide. PC: Ahinsa During a span of six months between June 2014 and January 2015, a period of intense agrarian crisis in India, over 536 farmers ended their lives […]

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A visit to Gudalur and the ‘Just Change’ Producer Company

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Rang De team members and social investors visited Just Change, an adivasi producer company in Gudalur, Tamil Nadu The journey from Bengaluru to Gudalur is a rare treat. After the chaos of Bengaluru and the desolation of its suburbs, the road passes through two national parks — Bandipur and Mudumalai — before making it to the Nilgiri hills. This was […]

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Are farm loan waivers really the answer to the agrarian crisis?

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In April, the Indian Meterological Department (IMD) predicted a ‘normal monsoon’ in 2017. The markets responded positively to the news and the nation heaved a collective sigh of relief. It was not just relief from the scorching summer heat that the rains were expected to bring but an alleviation of the agricultural crisis. Eight states […]

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