Brushing shoulders with greats at Sa-dhan

April 9, 2009
By Rang De Team

Recently, Rang De had an opportunity to meet with academicians, practioners and policy makers of Micro finance institutions. It was at the Sa-dhan Microfinance India Conference at New Delhi .

The conference specially focused on many of the challenges and issues plaguing microfinance in India, related to providing linkages and opportunities to borrowers, gaps in governance and ethics and code of conduct.

Sa- Dhan’s partner organizations aim to “ better serve low-income households, particularly women, in both rural and urban India, in their quest for establishing stable livelihoods and improving quality of life”.

Rang De relates with organizations that share the mission to provide low cost loans accessible to all. That and the fact that no lesser mortal other than Prof. Mohammed Yunus himself was presiding over the conference!

Prof. Yunus spoke Of Grameen’s journey, highlighting some interesting milestones. (You must read about their 16 decisions here) What was delectably noticed by the participants was the fact that in spite of being a ‘ bank’ the approach of Grameen still remained community focused.

Prof. Yunus illuminated the fact that the Grameen Bank has always been transparent in all their dealings with the community. Whether it is the interest rate calculations or assessing the need of the community, the Grameen Bank always “puts its people first”. That is one of the reasons they have been able to mobilize large funds and remained self sustaining.

The Grameen Bank has now reached out to a majority of the population in Bangladesh with business loans and educational loans.

Rang De learnt a lesson of humility from the great Nobel laureate. He was approachable and seemed to have time for an interaction with everyone.

Rang De salutes the man who inspires all of us to do our best!

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