Behind the Scenes @ Rang De — Part 4

September 25, 2010
By Rang De Team
By Preena Deepak, Rang De Team

The weekly post on Rang De’s volunteer editors has so far been a special experience in knowing that Social Investors from all walks of life believe in making a change in someone’s life through non monetary contributions as well. It has proved that much more than money is needed to transform the Indian Society and the most interesting aspect in all this is the fact that people are interested in bringing out fellow countrymen from the clutches of poverty by walking the extra mile. Behind the scenes is a series that strives to showcase these committed individuals who have dared to make the difference and gone beyond the important social investment phase. This week we look at what drives a highly qualified Molecular Genetics Specialist, Deepa Sundararajan to edit profiles of borrowers from remote Indian villages.

Creative pursuits always have a deadly attraction for Deepa, who can be seen exploring movies, music, art and books besides dabbling with writing and artwork. A graduate from the US, Deepa is a Scientist by profession and a Dreamer by nature.

Microcredit was not an alien concept for Deepa who had already heard about small loans and their impact from friends. However, she remained sceptical of the effectiveness of such credit in the Indian scenario. Deepa chanced to read about Rang De in the Times of India and wasted no time in exploring the site. Social investing opposed to charity appealed to Deepa who made an instant decision to go beyond investments and contribute to make Rang De’s vision a reality. At just about the same time Rang De called for volunteers to edit content and Deepa saw the perfect opportunity to pitch in.

“Editing borrower profiles has been challenging and enlightening at the same time. It is really humbling to read through the application details of the borrowers and realize the determination that they have to get ahead in life in the face of great adversity. The greatest challenge while editing the profiles has been in writing about multiple people involved in the same kind of business. I have been trying my best to differentiate each profile as each person is unique and their need is as great as the next person’s. I do hope the profiles interest potential investors and help in securing investments to cover the loan amounts”, says Deepa after spending the last 2 months, as an active volunteer editor, enriching borrower content and bringing in her own creativity.

Rang De’s volunteer editors have been torch bearers of our cause and their contagious commitment ignites a ray of hopeto keep the team pressing on to knock out poverty in India through micro loans.

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