Behind the scenes @ Rang De — Part 3

August 28, 2010
By Rang De Team
By Preena Deepak, Rang De Team

Rang De’s growing volunteer base has many a time been a source of immense inspiration to the team and a beacon to keep us going. When volunteers voice out their beliefs in our mission and pitch in to help beyond money, Rang De receives a second confirmation that all this effort is worthwhile and lives can be transformed by microcredit. Volunteers have diversified our talent pool and are now constantly taking Rang De to greater heights. In this edition of Behind the Scenes, we feature Lakshmi Poorna, a very unassuming yet ardent believer in Rang De’s cause and Micro-credit.

While volunteering may not be a preferred hobby for the masses, Lakshmi chooses to be different. She desires to spend her time away from work, promoting social causes and using her diverse education in varied fields like Journalism, Mass Communication, Political Science and Information Technology to propagate transformation in society. Lakshmi has learnt volunteering from her mother’s knees and has certainly put it to good use. She has also done article writing and editing with few other NGOs and this experience certainly proved a bonus in helping Lakshmi grasp Rang De’s specific editorial requirements.

Picture of Lakshmi

Lakshmi firmly believes in Rang De and has done excellent work by editing our borrower profiles.

A promotional book mark was the starting point of Lakshmi’s interest in Rang De. Even before this, Lakshmi has been an enthusiastic supporter of microcredit, but thought it to be a concept beyond reach. However, this outlook changed completely when Rang De brought her in close contact with small entrepreneurs in need of micro loans across India. Lakshmi strongly voices her experience with micro credit and Rang De, “Rang De has definitely taken microfinance to the next level…expanding its horizons by giving a platform for everyone to get involved. I was inspired by the concept of Rang De in the first read and wanted to get involved in some way”. Lakshmi’s eagerness to go beyond money shaped into a highly valuable volunteering effort. In spite of having undergone an eye surgery soon after enrolling as a volunteer, she was quick to bounce back, editing borrower profiles on recovery.

Lakshmi is employed with the Knowledge Resource Division of CSIR, Chennai. She is passionate about public information and enjoys working in her field of interest. Though a native of Madurai, Lakshmi has settled in Chennai after marriage. She is a music lover and enjoys watching movies besides volunteering.

Lakshmi summarizes her brief yet meritorious association with Rang De in these few words, “I have to thank Rang De for giving me this opportunity to utilize my free time for a social cause and introducing me to a new world to explore and work with. I really enjoy this assignment…volunteering in the area of my interest that too with great flexibility to work in the available free time. Such opportunities are very rare and I would like to get associated with you for a long time possible.”

Rang De’s relations with volunteers is indeed long standing and Lakshmi is among the many others who make Rang De’s mission possible!

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