Behind the Scenes @ Rang De — Part 2

August 17, 2010
By Rang De Team
By Preena Deepak, Rang De Team

With newer and better profiles being uploaded on the Rang De site each day, it is time again to take a peek behind the screen to know the minds behind these creative recounts. The editing team has been enriched by contributions from ardent Social Investors who volunteer their time and talent to describe borrower content with passion. Rang De’s featured volunteer editor of this week is Raghav Parthasarathy.

Raghav’s involvement with Rang De started from January 2010. Led by his belief that micro-finance helps create strong village economies and communities in rural India, Raghav began to actively participate in the Bangalore Chapter. Raghav opines when asked about Rang De “I believe that Rang De, a vibrant team with a non-profit motto is determined to provide better livelihood to rural India and has met with stupendous success. Working with an amazing set of people at the Bangalore chapter further strengthened my belief in the organization.”

A short while ago, Raghav decided to pull the brakes and pursue his dream after working for 3 years with semiconductor giant, Texas Instruments, Bangalore and has enrolled with Kelley School of Business for its MBA program. He has just relocated to the US and is remotely (yet closely) connected with Rang De. In a sense Raghav keeps Rang De working, 24 X 7 by editing from a different time zone. A sports enthusiast, Raghav loves a match of tennis any day besides listening to music and making his own on the guitar. He loves the world of words and is a regular blogger.

A month into editing, this is what Raghav has to say about borrower profiles, “The guidelines and the several feedbacks provided by the Rang De team was crucial to really understand how borrower profile editing is done and it did take some time. I am thoroughly enjoying contributing to the team and since I enjoying writing, it doesn’t seem like work at all! The team has helped us understand that is important to feel the borrower’s pulse, the sense of urgency and need and their dream for a better life while recreating the profiles. In Bangalore, I volunteered in a teaching program during weekends and this was the time when I learnt to manage my work along with volunteering with social cause groups. It is certainly helping now since managing my activities to quickly edit the borrower profiles creatively has been challenging and at the same time most crucial.”

Raghav’s enthusiasm to edit from across the seas peps up the Rang De Team. His passion to reach out to the poorest communities in India stands out as the clear motive behind all the strenuous effort in balancing studies along with volunteering. Rang De appreciates Raghav and all the volunteer editors who have taken the extra step in reaching out to our borrowers across India in spite of their own commitments.

Look out for yet another enterprising volunteer profile in the next blog post!

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