Behind the scenes of the ‘Rang De Conversations’

June 15, 2010
By Rang De Team
By Diksha Belwal, Rang De Team

The much talked about ‘Conversations’ are here at last for you to listen and experience. While it all sounds simple, let me tell you, there is a lot of work that goes behind making sure that these conversations take place at the particular time and is a pleasure to listen to.

The process involves the following steps:

The featured anchor persons of the month:

Shantaram:A software developer and an open source enthusiast by profession. Shantaram is a regular backpacker and photographer. His idea of an ideal weekend is out exploring the remotest of villages and forts. Has been associated with Rang De as volunteer and social investor for the past few months and shown a keen interest in supporting various Rang De initiatives.

“The Rang De model seems like a perfect way to tackle poverty and illiteracy at the grassroots level. The evaluations and field trips have given me a perspective on the change that Rang De is bringing about in the lives of the borrowers. Really proud to be associated with Rang De and look forward to a contributing to this effort.”

A chance to talk to borrowers, understand their experiences with Rang De was something I couldn’t miss for the world, he says. This is a world apart from publicizing Rang De, convincing people about the idea and the other ways I have been supporting Rang De with. The more I believe in Rang De myself, the better I can convince others.

Listen to Shantaram’s conversation with Aruna Prakash Tawar and Archana Gadekar.

Manoj Mahadevan: A volunteer who got his first introduction to micro-credit through Muhammad Yunus’ s book “Banker to the Poor” and fell in love with the concept. Contributes, in any way he can, to spread the word and to further the cause of Rang De.

“Micro-credit as a concept is very effective in countering poverty. The extent to which it impacts the life of a rural entrepreneur can only be ascertained by interacting with these end users of micro-credit. The audio evaluation enables this process and helps one develop more faith in the power of micro-credit. It certainly gave me the opportunity to learn more about how investments are being utilized by the end user and how they are benefitted by Rang De’s work in the area of micro-credit.”

Manoj’s conversation with Latha

Saritha: From investments reconciliations and sending e-mails to social investors, talking to the Rang De borrowers was a welcome change for Saritha. “The minute I got connected to the borrower on the phone, I felt I was in a different world altogether and understood the pains and challenges of the Rang De borrowers. Talking to them made me feel that all our work was worthwhile.”

Listen Jothi Gangadharan’s evaluation by Saritha.

Siddhesh Dhuri is currently pursuing his MBA from Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai. He was previously working with Infosys technologies since Nov 2006 as a Software Engineer. He has completed his Engineering in Computer Engineering from Mumbai University 2002–2006. My hobbies are painting, cartooning, swimming. You can see his cartoons at google site:

“I came across Rang De at Infosys. I realized I had an opportunity to contribute towards society within my busy schedule. Doing Audio evaluations gave me an opportunity to directly interact with the needy and understand their conditions, expectations and aspirations. This closely aligned me with the needs and expectations of the borrowers.”

Listen Siddhesh’s conversation with Dhrupata Rajabhau

We will be conducting some more audio evaluations soon across India. Please do let us know if you are the next anchor. Drop us an email at mentioning your name, location and the languages you know.

Rang De is transitioning from a charitable trust to a Non Banking Financial Company. Check out our brand new peer-to-peer lending platform

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