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August 7, 2010
By Rang De Team
By Preena Deepak, Rang De Team

The month of July saw a buzz in Rang De’s vivacious volunteer community. It all began with an ad in the Newsletter calling for volunteers to edit content for borrower profiling. The immediate and quick responses from our Social Investors overwhelmed and charged up team Rang De and from then on began a frenzy of screening, orienting and training volunteers for editing. The end of all this is a dynamic group of fully committed individuals who edit content and describe borrower text with passion. Rang De wishes to appreciate all volunteers who have pitched in beyond investments to serve the poor through their time and talent. We will from now on have a weekly blog post featuring our volunteers behind the scenes who have added value to our cause through their magic touch. In this edition we introduce Mahazareen Dastur from Mumbai.

Rang De volunteer Mahazareen and her family. Mahazareen has helped by putting quality time into editing borrower profiles.

Mahazareen and her family. Mahazareen has helped by putting quality time into editing borrower profiles.

While balancing work and family could prove a struggle to most women, Mahazareen has proved by example that much more is possible. Besides bringing up two incredibly energetic children — 10-year old Mahafreen and 5-year old Behzad; fulfilling family commitments and working as Principal Environmental Specialist, she sets aside time to volunteer with Rang De! A multi talented achiever with several accolades in the field of Environmental Engineering, Mahazareen has a special knack for research. She is an excellent writer and communicator, proficient at presenting and/or restructuring complicated scientific reports into simpler layman terms. She is able to work independently and performs impressively under pressure. Amidst her several roles, Mahazareen even finds time to unwind by reading, cooking and exploring the world of critically acclaimed cinema.

Knowing Mahazareen’s scientific genius certainly makes one wonder what she does at Rang De? The answer to this can be found in the 30 borrower profiles that have been tailored and created according to Rang De’s specifications by Mahazareen’s expertise. She combines her flair for language and experience in multi tasking to create authentic and appealing borrower profiles. Her interest in Rang De began 8 months ago when she made her first social investment after being immensely drawn to the idea of being able to actually do something for the economically weaker sections of society, instead of paying lip-service to “India’s countless poor”. Subsequently when Rang De’s newsletter calling volunteers reached Mahazareen’s inbox, she immediately decided to offer her services. When asked about her impulsive response, Mahazareen replies “When I read that Rang De was looking for editing volunteers, I thought this is one way I can help beyond contributing monetarily. The stories we read about these people on the site are moving and make you want to click that mouse and contribute. These people are go-getters; they want to help themselves and they deserve a leg-up. If I can be a small part of it through my writing, then I would consider it a privilege.”

As much as Mahazareen enjoys volunteering, the team cherishes her work and the excellent time lines she maintains in editing. Mahazareen recounts her experience over the last month, editing borrower content for Rang De in these few words, “Editing at Rang De has been a great experience so far. Each one of the stories behind the borrowers is touching. Their aspirations are human — a better education for their children, a home of their own, being financially sustainable… It hardly takes any effort to type in those few lines describing the borrowers’ profiles and hitting the update button.”

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