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October 24, 2009
By Rang De Team

The Microfinance Summit in the year 2007 was where we launched our intentions to do our bit to make a difference to poor India. We announced Rang De to a global audience, as a concept, a brand and identity to be associated with, as a socially responsible individual. We have come a long way since then; we are “Doing Good and Doing Well” (which incidentally is the theme of the summit this year!), thanks to you, our socially responsible and committed investors.

Rang De is proud to be part of the Knowledge Fair during the sixth annual summit of Microfinance India between October 26–28, 2009 at Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi.

Rang De will be a part of the summit where thought leaders will delve into and debate key current issues in the microfinance sector. The summit will look at both the trade-offs and points of convergence as the sector grapples to balance between building the social as well as the financial capital; scale and soul; social performance measurement; client protection; products and services that the poor need; and issues linked to last-mile connectivity, among others.

An interesting part of the summit is the “Livelihoods day” when issues linked to the sustainable livelihoods of the poor will be the focus.

Rang De hopes to get first hand information on the international trends and best practices for adaptation in our community of borrowers.

For more details of the current (and the past) summit, visit here

Rang De is transitioning from a charitable trust to a Non Banking Financial Company. Check out our brand new peer-to-peer lending platform

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