An Army Veteran On Why Only Cities Are Growing In India

October 14, 2016
By Rang De Team
With interest rates as low as 2.5%, we offer the cheapest education loans funded by Indians like you helping students from rural areas go as far as they can.

My name is Arun Kumar and I have been a social investor in Rang De from December 2015.

I am a retired engineer. I live with my wife in Pune since my two sons are married and have their own families.

I am a graduate of the 1968 batch at the National Defence Academy. I was commissioned into the Army as a second lieutenant and then retired as an Army Captain.

After completing my ten years of service in the Army, I moved on to work in the private sector with an engineering degree I acquired from my service in the Army.

As humans, we all are programmed to think about our family, our home and our children. Yet there are also quite a number of people who feel that it is their responsibility for helping other people.

After my retirement, I’ve realised that I lived my entire life devoted to family.

I felt that it was time that I utilise my modest retirement benefits to help other people.

I was looking for organisations who had transparency and where my contributions will be used to help the poor.

Arun is one of our 10,000+ social investors who are dedicated to making a change.

In the initial stages, I contributed to a few organisations but they didn’t give me any feedback and there wasn’t any information regarding my contribution.

I was dejected but I consoled myself with the fact that at least my intentions were noble. I got to know about Rang De through Facebook and eventually in 2015, I visited a Rang De event in Pune and learnt more about the organisation and I loved the work they have been doing all these years.

Rang De is a transparent organisation which provides a wide range of investment opportunities. The fact that it is not a donation but an investment encourages us to do more.

It’s such a heartening sight to see so many people in rural India who are willing to work hard with contributions from Social Investors.

Rang De provides tremendous support for all the people in rural India because the typical financial institutions will not give them a loan.

These days, many young people are moving from their villages to cities looking for better opportunities. The problem with this is we are all thinking that India is developing but the harsh truth is that only the cities are growing.

The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

Many of the rural entrepreneurs from Rang De strive to make a better living within their own villages.

From farmers to weavers, we disburse loans to a wide range of rural entrepreneurs

They are working towards the development of their family, their village and their individual selves. It is this attitude that will lead to the development of our entire nation.

I believe that education is the only true gift you can give to another person. While there isn’t a particular set of borrowers I focus on, I do have an affinity towards students seeking money for an education.

I am an active member of the Pune Chapter which helps me connect with people around me in Pune.

I am proud to be a Rang De Social Investor.

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Our Social Investors in the United States, the United Kingdom and many other places are now stepping up to let us know of their story and we hope this will allow you to share with your friends and family on how everyone can get involved in the process of development in India through Rang De!