A week of lectures, visits and camps!

February 23, 2009
By Rang De Team

It was a week replete with assignments for the people at Rang De!

Smita, our co-founder and CEO, was invited as guest speaker as part of a series of “thought leadership” lectures that was organized by Welingkar Institute of Management in Bangalore. Smita addressed a group of keen students and had an opportunity to share Rang De’s journey so far. The energetic bunch of young students at Welingkar will hopefully churn out a few entrepreneurs who will work on inclusive business models that have the potential to change the way we work!

Gnan, our Senior Alliances Manager, went on an evaluation trip to meet a few of our borrowers at Nagpur. Gnan found out that of the 120 people that were lent loans, 98% of them had utilized the loan well. On his way back in the train, Gnan had an opportunity to strike up a conversation with a few co passengers. By the time Gnan was done briefing them he was amazed to see half a dozen others from adjacent seats hovering around to listen to what the Rang De cause was about! Of the lot, was an enterprising student from a management college that expressed his intention to get permission to get his college involved and a manager from a corporate who promised to spread the word in his company!

Nikhil, our Senior Finance Manager, was away at Bidar on a due diligence visit to Basavakalyan. The women have taken loans for various needs. Some have used the money to buy sewing machines, some have bought cows and buffaloes, some to upgrade their petty shops. An interesting observation that Nikhil made of this confident group of women was that, most of the women in the group could converse in four Indian languages, (Hindi, Kannada, Marati and Telugu) in spite of being illiterate and not being able to sign their own names!

And finally, I (Arthi ) was at the very first Word Press Camp India at Noida this weekend. I had an opportunity to listen to Om Malik , Matt Mullenwag, Amit Agarwal and half a dozen blogging community speakers. It was a fantastic learning opportunity for me and an opportunity for Rang De to speak to bloggers and people who “tweet” on Twitter like there is no tomorrow. If even a few of them could blog or tweet about Rang De, the cause will spread to a few hundreds more in the society and will reach out to a few who want to make a difference to the society and didn’t know where to start!

Start a Rang De revolution! Astonish us!

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