A Little Loan Goes a Long Way!

December 15, 2008
By Rang De Team

At Rang De we believe, that the only way to win a lot of money is to reinvest your wins.

Like the smart gambler. An average gambler will take the money he just won at the casino, and go spend it at the shops soon afterward. The smart gambler will reinvest the money he just won, and will usually win a lot more!

Well, if you think a bit like a share investor (We don’t want to psyche you out!), will you reinvest your gains back into more shares or spend the money? The only way you are ever going to make a lot of money is by learning to reinvest! And when you consistently reinvest your money, you can grow your profits exponentially!

The minds at Rang De keep working on better strategies and better ideas to service our social investors and borrowers. We figured that this is definitely a great way to significantly increase the value of your invested money! With borrowers paying back their loans at such a high rate, we offer a reinvestment option to our social investors.

You tell us what you want us to do with the money repaid.

You can choose to keep the money returned in your repayment kitty till the period of loan is complete. Your money will be safe and you will get the guaranteed returns at the end of the loan period. Or Reinvest!

It will not only help us to sustain and scale up our lending operations to reach out to even more poor people but also give you the opportunity to reach out to more struggling entrepreneurs around the country.

Here is a fact — We have over two lakh as repayments (read it as “idle” money). If reinvested itcan change the lives of 40 borrowers who require just Rs 5000.

And we have only just begun.

PS — The reinvestment options will be launched this week.

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