A December to Remember! Rang De’s Christmas campaign in 2017

January 18, 2018
By Rang De Team
A few of our social investors who participated in our Christmas campaign in 2017!

The Christmas of 2017 was truly special for us here at Rang De. As part of our December to Remember campaign we successfully got over 500 employees from corporates in Bangalore to contribute to a good cause.

During the course of the campaign, we put up a Christmas tree in a common space outside the offices of 12 corporates in the city. The employees were encouraged to ‘buy’ ornaments the decorate the Christmas tree. Each ornament which adorned the tree represented one life that was positively impacted as the money spent in buying the ornament was entirely donated to RangDe.Org.

The Christmas tree out up in the Dialogues Cafe in Koramangala, Bengaluru
Employees of Trafigura decorate the Christmas tree and support Rang De’s work

With the participation of over 500 people, we managed to raise over 4.7 lakhs in the span of a few days!

It was inspiring to so many people come together in the spirit of Christmas by donating money and showing their support for a good cause.

A big thank you to the corporate organisations and our new social investors!

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