6 Videos to know more about Poverty

August 27, 2017
By Rang De Team

6 Videos to know more about Poverty

How much do we know about poverty? Is being poor simply a lack of money or is it something more? In this compilation of videos, some of the leading academicians, journalists and social activists speak about the various facets of deprivation and poverty, and offer ways in which to address these issues.

  1. Palagummi Sainath is an Indian journalist whose writing and body of work has focused the intersection of social inequality and rural poverty. In this video, Sainath talks about the status of the media today “The inequalities are so great, those reflect in the media as well” — and the role an equitable media can play in the alleviation of poverty around the world.

2. Harsh Mander is a social activist and former Indian bureaucrat who has written about a wide range of issues concerning social justice, equality, and poverty. In this video, Mander talks about the importance of retaining empathy to tackle issues of deprivation and inequality

3. “When we say microcredit programs, we have very specific things in our mind. It is loan, which goes to the poorest people, particularly poorest women, without collateral, without any legal formalities. These are loans for income generating activity. And to repaid in weekly or bi-weekly installments” Muhammad Yunus is a pioneer in the field of microfinance and microcredit. Through the Grameen Bank, Yunus has reached out to millions of people living in poverty in Bangladesh. In this video, demonstrates the successes gained by providing adequate opportunities and resources to lift people out of poverty.

4. Hans Rosling is a renowned academic and statistician, who was famous for his talks and presentations that brought numbers and stats to life. In this video, Professor Rosling uses statistics to demonstrate how ending poverty around the world might not be a distant dream. Watch the clip till the end to watch Rosling end his talk in style.

5. In his work over the past three decades, Professor Anil Gupta has documented the ingenuity, creativity and innovation of people living in rural areas in the Indian subcontinent. His ‘Shod Yatras’, walks through rural areas of India held every six months, have helped bring public attention to grassroots innovation in India’s villages. Through his work with the ‘Honeybee Network’, Prof Gupta has also worked to make systems of knowledge and innovation more equitable. Watch his interesting talk and unique perspective on the hidden potential in India and its rural areas.

6. “The last mile, is everywhere, problematic” Sendhil Mullainathan is a Professor of Economics at Harvard University, who has worked on the relevance of using behavioural science to address issues of development and poverty. In this talk, Professor Mullainathan illustrates how many of the social issues we face, including poverty, need human innovation in addition to technological innovation.

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