21 days and counting!

May 10, 2009
By Rang De Team

The event of the year is the third Sunday from today — on the 31st May 2009. The event- The Sunfeast 10K Marathon Run at Bangalore- is soon going to be live. Here is a note to bring you update on whatever you may have missed.
Supporting a runner just got easier. Our marathon micro site is up and running. Those who wish to support a runner can now do so easily at http://www.rangde.org/marathon.htm.

If you have already registered to run at http://sunfeastworld10k.indiatimes.com/ send us your profile and
details. We would like the world to read about all the people who will run, vouch and support Rang De.
And lastly, here is a check list for all of you who will be there to run.

Comfortable pair of running shoes and socks

Light weightcotton clothes to wear

Caps, sunglasses, sunscreen lotions, energy bars, water bottles….

Have we missed anything?
As the four time winner of the Boston Marathon, Bill Rodgers said, “The marathon can humble you”.

Here is to the new humble you — Cheers and good luck!

After 11 years of operations, Rang De is now taking a massive leap forward with our brand new peer-to-peer lending platform rangde.in. Check it out.

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