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About Rang De

Rang De facilitates small loans (microcredit) for Indians who do not have access to credit. You can lend from Rs. 100 onwards on RangDe.Org to micro-entrepreneurs identified by our partners across India. Browse through our borrowers and lend to one of them!

Tag: women entrepreneurs

Rang De’s Sisters in Arms

February 26th, 2014

This Global Women’s Day, Rang De is going Local! We’re celebrating this Women’s Day with ‘Sisters in Arms’, a special women-centric initiative that salutes our nation’s women. Women who have overcome all odds including poverty to carve out a niche for themselves; everyday women who truly are heroes in their own right, and who make us all proud to be women. Rang De has supported over Read more …

NEN hosts Entrepreneurship-Week

February 20th, 2012

Report by Ujjwal Grover(NEN) Those who have taken a plunge will tell you that entrepreneurship is an arduous and lonely journey, where apart from determination, grit, and the right opportunities at the right time, what one needs is support from the community and expert advice. An effective support system that helps aspiring entrepreneurs achieve the Read more …