Board Members

Our Rendezvous with Kiruba

By Smita Ram, Rang De Team Our first meeting with Kiruba (who has just joined Rang De’s Governing Board) went really well. Ram and I were meeting Kiruba almost after a year, even though I had met him briefly when he formally agreed to join the board. This meeting was different from our previous ones. We spent a couple of hours together and brainstormed a bit on some of the ideas we had in mind and what we could do to take Rang De to the next level. Typically, I am not too good with meetings that last for more than an hour. But the sheer energy and the number of ideas that we discussed kept me on my toes and wanting to listen and share more of those ideas. I did not even need to drink tea to stay awake. We did come up with a few ideas – one of them being the Chennai Marathon and creating awarness about microcredit....
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Corporate Campaigns

A Day at Sasken, Bangalore

By Archana Ramakrishnan, Rang De Team Arvind and Archana were satisfied by Rang De’s campaign at Sasken. Rang De looks to spice up corporate campaigns to attract further attention. It was a day of fun and awareness at Sasken Bangalore last Wednesday. Rang De, armed with punching bag and gloves, set up a “Knock Out Poverty” stall to spread awareness about microcredit and Rang De. Come lunch time, people started trickling into the cafeteria. Our volunteer Vibhore stood at the entrance giving out bookmarks to all who went in and out, encouraging them to visit the stall. As the day progressed people started visiting the stall slowly. Many who came by were sold off on the concept and promised to invest as soon as they went back. A couple of them wanted to go on a field visit to see how it works at the ground level before investing. Another person was very keen on lending to borrowers in Karnataka and...
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