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My Rang De Experience

- Dennis Tan, Rang De Intern 
Dennis Tan, a business student from Singapore interned with us in December 2013. Here is a brief account his internship. 

Dennis' internship at Rang De

“The amount you invest may not affect your finances much, but it will bring about significant improvement to many lives.”

This was a statement which sets me to reflect the mission of Rang De during my first week of internship. And in fact, this statement which aggregates Rang De’s ideas, beliefs and motivations for a peer-to-peer lending model that could be leveraged to lower their cost of microcredit. Rang De is more than just any micro-credit organisation who does social funding to change the living conditions for its borrowers.… Read further

A Letter to India

Zoé Gautheron recently completed her 6 month internship with Rang De during which which she handled projects like the Rang De Box Office and Rang De Chapter websites among other things. Here is her Letter to India where she talks about her experiences, internship and what being in India was like.

Hi All,

My name is Zoé, I’m French, 21 and I recently left India. This is my Indian story…

My business school gives every student the opportunity to do a 6-month internship abroad. The purpose of it is to give us the chance to discover a new culture and a professional activity that we are curious about.… Read further

My Rang De Experience

By Ashlesha Bhagwat, Rang De Intern

When I first heard about Rang De, I was inspired by their social entrepreneurship and efforts to make the poor in India self-reliant. So, as you can imagine, I was very excited to be working with them to learn more about their organisation and how it was run.

My task was to design and implement a social media campaign to raise awareness for Rang De. This involved creating new facebook ads (encouraging social investment); twitter updates and coming up with innovative facebook posts.

One of the most interesting things that I did during my time here, was to organize and run a tweetathon.… Read further

Simply India!

Elena Rozova, student from Denmark, interned with us in January 2012. Here is a brief account of her field trip to Palakkad, Kerala.

Coming from a wealthy Western country with heavy consumption of culture, what was I anticipating from a field trip to a rural Indian village,will it be eligible for Rang De’s microcredit? Firstly, I expected to witness overwhelming poverty and dreadful living conditions. Second, I was prepared to meet hard-working people, exhausted and showing no signs of joy. To my surprise, not all of the pre-conceived notions appeared to reflect the real picture.

Of course, poverty and shortage were present everywhere, but, surprisingly, despite all that people seemed to be enjoying their lives.… Read further

Field report from an intern – Mentorship for micro-entrepreneurs

By Vikram Murthy, Summer Intern - IIM Calcutta

“Once we identify the borrowers we would finance their expansion plans and then get them mentored by experts in areas that the borrowers would need help in!” When Ram finished explaining his idea I was excited by this first-of-its kind initiative, the mentoring initiative, which lends a helping hand to borrowers who have the risk appetite and the entrepreneurial ability to scale up their businesses.

Ruth does door to door apparel selling
Ruth does door to door apparel selling

We took a couple of weeks to come up with the scope of the project and Smita simultaneously was scouting for partners who would be most suitable (and willing) to initiate the pilot.… Read further