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A Rang De Writer Visits SVYM

​(Meghna, a Rang De borrower, Farheen, Pramod)

​(Meghna, a Rang De borrower, Farheen, Pramod)

Meghna K is a member of the Rang De Writers team and has written and helped 500 individuals get financial assistance in a year. Our team contains over 80 people from all walks of life all across India – write to suhas@rangde.org to join Rang De Writers.

As the early morning sun rays disperse the night’s darkness, I looked around the streets, probably for the first time in a long time. Dairy farmers are directly selling milk to customers, flowers vendors tying colourful petals tog into a beautiful garland, vegetable growers selling their produce to wholesalers and retailers, kids, who should be at school are selling newspapers on the road – a whole other part of society that needs our care and support.… Read further

Rang De’s New ‘Desi’ Partner – Charaka!

We have recently launched our latest micro venture partnership with Charaka, a women’s co-operative that produces handmade, naturally dyed apparel and provides women with livelihood opportunities in Karnataka. It’s an honour for Rang De to work in partnership with Charaka and support the women in becoming self-reliant. Here’s the story of how it all began! 

In a remote village, nestled in the gateway to Western ghats, not too far away from Jog falls, is Bhimanakone. And in this village is an organization that would take you back in time to the days when ‘spinning’ and making ones own clothes was a matter of great pride and self respect.… Read further

Rang De Borrowers in the apparel sector!

By Diksha Belwal, Rang De Team

Personally I am a big fan of crafts and apparel. Visiting Industree Crafts was thus a fantastic opportunity for me. The units that are currently incubated By ICF will eventually spin off as self-sustaining units. These units are basically into apparels and crafts (like river grass boxes, laundry box, table mats, etc). To reduce the number of middlemen, they have a leader for each and every unit for managing the production as per the orders received.Industreee crafts sources the raw materials like river grass, screw pine, cardboard, zari strips, fabrics, etc from different places all across the country and allocates it to the units as per their demands.… Read further

Rang De Bangalore Sunday Activities

By Sreekanth and Sri Ranganathan  Rang De Bangalore Chapter Members

The Rang De Bangalore Chapter has coordinated with Jaaga, a place that plays host to several activities undertaken by organisations in the social/developmental and arts sectors to use Jaaga as a venue to hold its first (of a series of) information-sharing sessions with the interested general public and of course, Chapter members!

Today (Feb 21, 2010), the first meet will be preceded by the founders of Rang De, Ramakrishna and Smita Ram at 16:00. Kindly RSVP by clicking here as the venue can only hold around forty people.

Sri Ranganathan, member of the Rang De Bangalore Chapter Member writes about the Rang De Bangalore Chapter meet on Valentines Day, the first of meets that he has attended.… Read further

Victims of the flood

Who can understand nature and her ways? While we crib and complain about the heat and lack of rain, there is a part of our country that is flooding with excess rain. While our farmers pray to appease the rain Gods, the farmers of the flood affected states are praying that there is an end to the excessive floods.

The recent floods in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka have left a devastating impact in the lives of thousands of rural farmers and their families. Many rural families have been impacted by this catastrophic event. The experience has been traumatic and very distressing for them.… Read further

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