At the Field

A life changing field visit to Pusad!

- Sowmya Nandan, Rang De Chief Impact Officer   Rang De’s Chief Impact Officer recently returned from her first field visit to Pusad, Maharashtra and brought back with her inspiring stories of our borrowers and field partner, SAGRAS. Here’s a look at the field visit that left her short of words.   Every field visit has a different learning scenario and my last field visit to Pusad to meet our field partner SAGRAS (Samagra Gram Vikas Sanstha) had a lot of lessons to teach me! The lessons began even before I set foot in Pusad. The five hour road trip from Nagpur to Pusad opened my eyes to how the apartment culture is encroaching everywhere, not just the cities. Sanju, the person who driving me around informed me that the property prices in Nagpur were almost equivalent to Bangalore. One of the most talked about aspect after every SAGRAS visit is the ever popular ‘Bhakti’ hotel and its Maharashtrian food. Rang De Team...
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The Story of a Quilt

I’d like to share a story today; a story that is apt for Women’s Day. The story goes like this. A few years ago, at a community meeting for women, someone asked the group, “As a woman, what is that one skill you have that can contribute economically?” A few women responded. one said “making agarbattis” and another said ‘making pickles’ and the answers stopped. Then, after a long pause, a woman asked “What can I do, apart from making “godhadis?”The group had a good laugh about this seemingly trivial idea. What was pushed aside as a laughable suggestion is now changing the life of close to 2000 women in the village of Bahadarpur in the Jalagaon district of Maharashtra. Seeing merit in this idea, our field partner BNGVN has formed a collective of women from the community all of them now contributing to the production of more than 250,000 quilts every 6 months. The sheer scale of effort leaves one mesmerized and the community engagement is inspiring and the simplicity...
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Rang De 2012 Moments!

2012 has been an eventful year for Rang De. Presenting our Top 10 moments of the year! Rang De presented Leadership Expert and globally-acclaimed author Robin Sharma in Bangalore in February 2012. Robin Sharma presented ‘Winning Leadership Lessons’ to build a great organization in his seminar, ‘Lead Without a Title’ The Rang De team met Prof. Muhammad Yunus at the Bombay Gymkhana in February at an event organized by Grameen Creative Labs, India to brainstorm and come up with a strategy to build a “Social Business” ecosystem in India. Rang De Co-founder and CEO Ramakrishna Nk was formally inducted into the Ashoka Fellowship in September 2012! 9 other change makers were inducted and recognized for their outstanding social entrepreneurship. Rang De was the 1st runner up in the ‘Best use of Internet for Social & Economic Development’ at the 2nd India Digital Awards! Rang De also won the SAFRG (South Asian International Fund Raising Group) Fund raising Campaign of the year Award – New Media for its ‘World Cup Fever’ Campaign....
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The Freedom Bus!

By Smita Ram, Rang De Team On 13th August 43 of us set out on a roadtrip to Pusad covering close to 2000 kms, cutting across the boundaries of 3 states.  Pusad – a small town in the heart of the Vidarbha region was the unheard of destination.  To think that 43 individuals, most of them complete strangers would spend the next 72 hours together  travelling and sharing their views on social change and Rang De was unthinkable until a week ago for all of us who were part of the Freedom Bus. It all started with the spark of an idea. We wanted to do something unique for Independence Day and thought of a field trip. The spark got ignited with Raghu Dixit‘s involvement and his interest to interact with his borrowers in Pusad.  We decided to throw open the invitation to Raghu Dixit’s fans and lo! the Freedom Bus started to take shape. The group started from Bangalore on 13th August...
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