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Ideal Partnerships

70 people, one mission.
70 people, one mission.

70 people, one mission.

Last week, Rang De held its annual Confluence where 18 Field Partners from 12 states came to JP Naik Centre for Education & Development. In three days, they discussed, shared, learned, unlearned and we got a chance to express our appreciation for all the hard work the Partners do throughout the year to help underserved communities across India. 

Social investors also attended from places as diverse as Singapore and Hyderabad while 32 social workers who have a combined experience of more than 200 years of social service took two-day train journeys from places as far as Imphal in Manipur and Balasore in Orissa to attend the Confluence. Read further

Rang De Pune Marathon : Afterthoughts

The re-launch of the Rang De Pune chapter that took place officially in September was a pleasant surprise for all of us, i.e. the parent team and investors like me who have been social investors for more than a year and half. There was a distinct positive energy in the air, evident by the fact that our first meeting was attended by more than 25 people, most of whom were eager to help take forward the Rang De cause in Pune. Mr Ajay Hiraskar (Advisor, Rang De Global Chapters) and Mr Chaitanya Nadkarny (President, Rang De) entrusted Mr Jithu Chandran and yours truly with the responsibility to co-lead the Pune chapter for the first six months.… Read further

Tata Trust Supports Rang De To Fight Poverty

As we go along the less-trodden path to fight poverty in India, we are proud to have found support from no less than TATA TRUSTS. Read on to know the details in the press release on the subject.


Access to low-cost credit needs of India’s under-served population

Bangalore, September 24, 2015 – Tata Trusts has extended its support for a period of four years to India’s pioneering Internet-driven peer-to-peer micro-lending platform, Rang De. This initiative aims to offer affordable micro-credit solutions to nearly a quarter of a million families, over the next five years.… Read further

I Have a Dream

-Bharti, Rang De higher education loan student

Bharti is one of our first higher education loan students and is currently studying Optometry at Sankara College of Optometry, Bangalore. She scored 80% in her 3rd year and topped her batch a few months ago. This Women’s Day, Bharti shares with us how she’s glad she didn’t give up on her dream and what it is like to be a woman today! 

Hello friends,

I am Bharti and I’m from a small town in Madhya pradesh. I belong to middle class family but I think being rich or poor doesn’t matter. What matters is how confident one is, how hard one is willing to work and that success never comes without struggle.… Read further

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