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A Social Investor Talks To A Grocery Shop Owner In Maharashtra

Iti Rawat (1)

“I am a Rang De investor and I want to share my experience about a recent borrower evaluation.

“I have been a social investor with Rang De for some years and although Rang De has been proactively sending e-mail updates on any new borrower I lent to (sometimes, my investment was as low as Rs 100), I was curious to understand how the whole process works.

“Recently, when Rang De sent another social investor update e-mail, I decided to delve further and noticed that Rang De provided an option for borrower evaluation in person or via phone. On clicking the form, it gave the option to pick up a convenient date for evaluation.… Read further

Why I run

I run because…

when the fresh morning air hits my face
it doesn’t matter if I’m young no more
it doesn’t matter that my career is going nowhere
it doesn’t matter that I don’t fit into a stereotype


I run because what matters is…
that single moment
that next step
and then the next
and the next

I run because every step…
fills me with life
makes me forget who I am
makes me forget what I can’t do
makes me feel like a winner

I run…
because I love to
because I need to stay sane
because I need to stay fit
because I can afford the luxury of exercise

I run because…
I don’t toil all day transplanting seedlings on my half-acre of land
I don’t work my fingers to the bone weaving from dawn to dusk
I don’t cry myself hoarse hawking fruits under the blazing sun
I don’t juggle three jobs to give my child one meal a day

I run because…
I don’t walk a mile to use an open toilet
I don’t bear a pot of water on my head and another on my hip
I don’t worry where my next meal will come from
I don’t sweat blood to survive

I run because…
I get water and electricity on demand
I only take but a step to use my toilet in privacy and peace
I can afford to carb-load
I can afford to up my protein intake

But I also run because I care…

I run in the hope that my miles …
will make a difference
will usher in a bountiful harvest for an impecunious farmer
will help an illiterate fruit-seller educate her little one
will allow a milkmaid gift her daughter the dignity of a closed toilet

You can make my miles count, by investing in a Rang De loan
You can make a difference
You can bring about a change
Please do…

- Meena N

Log onto to make your first social investment.… Read further

A Field Trip: an experience that moved me in more ways than one

Shaily Gupta is a Rang De social investor based in US. On a recent trip to Calcutta, she teamed up with the Rang De team for a field visit. Here’s what Shaily has to say about her experience.


Selfie Time ! At the Thakurpukur unit, with the women and the KSDF team

The sun was about to set on a typical humid day over the bustling suburbs of Calcutta and traffic on the side streets seems to be moving at its usual pace; but this was not a usual day for me – there are few days in our lives which enrich life with real community experiences as today did.… Read further

Rang De Chapters: A chance to be part of the solution

[Rohit Parakh is the president of Rang De UK Chapter and an active Rang De volunteer. In this post he talks about his experience as a Rang De volunteer and dwells upon the pivotal role played by Rang De volunteer chapters in creating an impact ]


With Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi at the End Child Slavery Week in London

Why join/lead a Rang De chapter?

Before answering the above-mentioned question, a round of introductions are in order. My name is Rohit Parakh and separate to my day-job at Deutsche Bank,I lead the Rang De UK Chapter on a voluntary basis.

Before my engagement with Rang De, I have always had my heart in the right place (I would like to think so atleast!) on issues of larger social relevance, but never actually got involved in any activities in this space.… Read further

Chanda and her shooting stars

This is a blogpost by Chanda Jain, a TFI Fellow in Delhi, who is doing something truly remarkable with her “small wonders” in the classroom. Here she introduces you to the shooting stars, as they like to call themselves, and her campaign. We are truly humbled that Chanda chose us to be a part of this beautiful initiative. Support Chanda’s campaign and cheer for her little shooting stars.

Good values are good actions and good words.

‘Can you give me an example of a good value?’

‘Didi if my friend does not have a pencil, I will give her my pencil.

Read further
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