Chanda and her shooting stars

This is a blogpost by Chanda Jain, a TFI Fellow in Delhi, who is doing something truly remarkable with her “small wonders” in the classroom. Here she introduces you to the shooting stars, as they like to call themselves, and her campaign. We are truly humbled that Chanda chose us to be a part of this beautiful initiative. Support Chanda’s campaign and cheer for her little shooting stars.

Good values are good actions and good words.

‘Can you give me an example of a good value?’

‘Didi if my friend does not have a pencil, I will give her my pencil.

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The Madness Continues: 2 months on

This is a post by our guest blogger Siddharth Agarwal, of the Madness Project fame. Here he reflects back on his life altering journey and why the end is sometimes just the beginning.

A little over two months now, since the completion of the Madness Project and the customary completion story still hasn’t been typed out. This has to do less with willingness and more with what I’m going to write down in this article, i hope you get the message that i’m trying to convey. I had received an e-mail from Tanvi a week after the completion of the Madness project regarding creation of a photo essay that would wrap up the project and I ended up not replying to that email.… Read further

Shattered dreams and Rebuilding hopes: The story of Ms. Nayana Padhi

By Kedareswar Choudhury, Chief Executive, Darbar Sahitya Sansad (Rang De Field Partner, Orissa)

Ms. Nayana padhi (35 yrs)and her family live in Indalkusiari village of Balipatana block of Khordha district, Odisha. Nayana lives there with her husband Suresh Panda, aged 39 yrs and son Mrutunjaya, aged 8 yrs. They have a small hut and a sewing machine as asset. Suresh works as a casual labourer. Nayana supplements the family income by doing Applique work( handicraft) and tailoring. She has also availed a loan from DSS/Rang De for the second time.

This flood has been a curse to the family as it is for the entire village.… Read further

The Madness Project

This is a guest post by a Rang De social investor, Siddharth Agarwal. Siddharth is currently studying at IIT Kharagpur, is an amateur photographer and a cycling enthusiast. Here he introduces us to the Madness Project and explains why he chose to support Rang De. We’ll be following his journey across India closely and will be bringing you more highlights from the Madness Project in the coming few weeks.

Welcome, to The Madness Project. A journey from the East to the West Coast of India, being undertaken by two undergraduate students on bicycles, fueled by the zeal to explore ourselves, the desire to understand the complex web of culture in our country and a wish to uplift lives around us.… Read further

A Day with Rang De’s youngest Social Investors

- Madhur Jajoo, Rang De Social Investor and Rang De Pune Chapter Member

A Rang De social investor since December 2011, Madhur Jajoo is also a member of the Rang De Pune Chapter. Madhur accompanied the students of Project Rang De Lives on their first field visit last October and spent a day interacting with the students, Rang De borrowers and our field partner Parvati Swayamrojgar. Here’s his account of the field visit. 

Sometimes in life we learn valuable things from children which we adults seldom put serious thought into. And more often than not, this process leaves us with increased wisdom and conscientiousness.… Read further