Guest Blogs

Chanda and her shooting stars

This is a blogpost by Chanda Jain, a TFI Fellow in Delhi, who is doing something truly remarkable with her “small wonders” in the classroom. Here she introduces you to the shooting stars, as they like to call themselves, and her campaign. We are truly humbled that Chanda chose us to be a part of this beautiful initiative. Support Chanda’s campaign and cheer for her little shooting stars. Good values are good actions and good words. ‘Can you give me an example of a good value?’ ‘Didi if my friend does not have a pencil, I will give her my pencil. I am being helpful. ‘If my bottle falls down and the water is on the floor, and didi scolds the class, I will say didi it is my bottle. I am being honest.’ ‘If you are talking, I will say excuse me didi, can you please help me’. One year down the road and I began to realize the importance...
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Football World Cup

Rang De World Cup Fever

This is a guest post by our young intern and football pundit, Armaan Imam, where he introduces you to Rang De’s FIFA World Cup 2014 campaign The excitement, the heartbreaks and, above all, the marvelous spectacle of the beautiful game. The 1 month festival. It’s back. It seems like just yesterday, when Andres Iniesta hit the back of the net in the 116th minute in Soccer City in Johannesburg to give Spain their first World Cup triumph. The question is, what are the odds of seeing Andres Iniesta in the final this year? With Ronaldo hitting his prime, and Messi being lackadaisical this year, this World Cup is a tough one to call. On July 13th we will have a new world champion but in the meanwhile we will be treated to high quality football, magical flourishes and nail biting finishes. This World Cup is living up to all the hype so far. High scoring games and only one draw!  ...
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Meet the Team

My first anniversary as a Rang De team member

This is a post by Raghuchandra, part of Rang De’s tech team, who completes one year with Rang De on June 4th. Raghu firmly believes that technological advancements should be coupled with social good. Support Raghu’s campaign now We all know that often dating can feel like a lot of work, but occasionally work can seem just like dating.  Hold your horses before you start to outrage, and let me explain what I mean by that. First jobs are usually like your first serious crush, there is a lot of anticipation, some anxiety and sighing involved before she or he agrees to date you. And then you find out that, well, maybe you were more in love with the idea of them. Now I know that lots of people marry their school/ college sweethearts and similarly there are people who spend their entire working years with a particular organization. But the rest of us stumble through multiple...
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Marathons & Runs

Running on Faith

Two days since the Bangalore10k and we are still recovering from the high (and the niggling injuries). Yesterday, we got an email from the organizers with our official timing and few photographs of us running. Some of us were disappointed, we thought we had run faster, others were pleasantly surprised. And now that the photographs have been shared, timings have been posted, and the pain is a fading memory we thought it would be a good idea to share one more post for the road. First up, give it up for Sagi, Nishan, Ramya and Asutosh for running for Rang De. You guys are fabulous, a big thank you from the Rang De team for starting campaigns, writing about them, and reaching out to your friends and family. We truly do appreciate it. As of 20th May 2014, we all collectively raised 70,400 for Rang De’s borrowers. A heartfelt thank you to all our supporters, friends, family and strangers, for believing in us....
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