The doors of perception

This is a post by Rang De’s team member, Hitesh Bhatt about his recent trip to Parvati Swayamrojgar If the doors of perception are cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite.- William Blake On 6th of October, on the occasion of Baqr’Eid, the second of two religious holidays celebrated by Muslims worldwide each year, I got another opportunity to meet our Rang De borrowers and join them in celebration. Pune, a city which celebrates every festival with a zeal that I have not experienced elsewhere in the country, was the place I went to meet our impact partner (PSW- Parvati Swayamrojgar) and the borrowers. Crossing through the posh areas of Pune, I finally reached the slums of Ghorpadi.   What a stark difference in lifestyle you can see within the same city. On one hand there are people who possibly have more than what they want and on the other there are those who have less than what...
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Shattered dreams and Rebuilding hopes: The story of Ms. Nayana Padhi

By Kedareswar Choudhury, Chief Executive, Darbar Sahitya Sansad (Rang De Field Partner, Orissa) Ms. Nayana padhi (35 yrs)and her family live in Indalkusiari village of Balipatana block of Khordha district, Odisha. Nayana lives there with her husband Suresh Panda, aged 39 yrs and son Mrutunjaya, aged 8 yrs. They have a small hut and a sewing machine as asset. Suresh works as a casual labourer. Nayana supplements the family income by doing Applique work( handicraft) and tailoring. She has also availed a loan from DSS/Rang De for the second time. This flood has been a curse to the family as it is for the entire village. The flood water entered the village and engulfed the whole village in two days. The family moved to a nearby school, which is situated in an elevated area. Her house was submerged up to the roof for 6 days. It did not collapse due to the bamboo structure of...
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Notes from the field: Charaka (Karnataka)

This is an account of the overnight field trip to Charaka in July that was undertaken by Rang De team members and social investors. This write up has been shared by Raghu Chandra, part of Rang De’s tech team It was a rainy Tuesday morning in July when we started from Bangalore. Within minutes of boarding the bus, most of us fell asleep as we all had a very early morning start! On the way we stopped near Tumkur and had a much needed cup of coffee. As we drew nearer to Sagar in Shimoga District it started raining again. As we peered out of the bus windows we could rich green all around, the beauty of the place is hard to describe and has to be experienced. Following our GPS for about an hour we reached Charaka!! When we got down from the bus, the mud road and the rain just seemed like some one is welcoming us to...
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At the Field

Hindustan ka dil dekho !

This is a blogpost by Hitesh Bhatt, member of Rang De’s impact team who is currently on a field trip to Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. I got another opportunity to go on a field trip to meet our impact partners and our hardworking and enterprising borrowers. And this time it is Madhya Pradesh and I am not alone. Chaitanya is with me as a great mentor and a companion. I am sitting at our partner’s office (Shakti Mahila Sangh) and we are all involved in discussions about how to create greater impact on peoples’ lives and how to measure it better. This is a short break and I decided to write about my journey so far. So here I go… The Jabalpur airport is located about ten kilometers’ away from the city and the drive took us through the cantonment area. The drive on narrow, tree lined roads to the city was incredibly beautiful. From Jabalpur to the office of our...
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