My Rang De Experience

- Dennis Tan, Rang De Intern 
Dennis Tan, a business student from Singapore interned with us in December 2013. Here is a brief account his internship. 

Dennis' internship at Rang De

“The amount you invest may not affect your finances much, but it will bring about significant improvement to many lives.”

This was a statement which sets me to reflect the mission of Rang De during my first week of internship. And in fact, this statement which aggregates Rang De’s ideas, beliefs and motivations for a peer-to-peer lending model that could be leveraged to lower their cost of microcredit. Rang De is more than just any micro-credit organisation who does social funding to change the living conditions for its borrowers. More importantly, Rang De thrives to paint and fill colours of rainbows into the lives of its borrowers.

During my one month internship at Rang De, it was my pleasure to have forged many long lasting memories and friendships with all my colleagues. Moreover, I would value it as one of the most congenial workplace one could ask for, within an environment and culture that is family-oriented. Rang De’s daily interactive sessions have been of a great facilitation for me to getting to know each and everyone in the office. As such, I felt that is was easy to integrate and work together collectively as part of the Rang De team.

Vibrancy, Inspiration and Excitement are the three words which sums my experienced as an intern at Rang De. Vibrancy is seen from each individual in the office and the way they bring joy and laughter to the workplace. Inspiration is seen from each team member’s passion and motivation to thrive towards Rang De’s goals. Excitement is seen from the team’s future prospects of its upcoming initiatives and the challenges in the field of micro-credit.

As an intern at Rang De, I not only got many opportunities to learn but also the opportunity to impact and to contribute to the Rang De team. Throughout my internship, I was actively involved in several initiatives that were both challenging and fulfilling. The only setback I faced was the lack of chance to follow Ram for a field partner visit, which was partly due to my short internship duration as well as last minute cancellation from field partners. With that said, I would definitely give my support to Rang De for its quest against poverty as a social cause.

Lastly, I would like to use this chance to thank Ram, Smita, Chaitanya and the rest of Rang De team for allowing me the opportunity to be part of the Rang De Experience!

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