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Three events, three cities, three chapters – the week that was!

By Smita Ram, Rang De Team
Members of the Rang De Mumbai Chapter campaign at Start up City Mumbai, their first public event.

Members of the Rang De Mumbai Chapter campaign at Start up City Mumbai, their first public event.

Last week the buzz at Rang De was an unprecedented high. The high was felt in the number of investments that picked up dramatically during the weekend. While Suresh representing Rang De at the Pune event was just the beginning, the Rang De Operations team created quite a frenzy at the SRM tech fest. The boxing gloves sure did add to building the momentum. The involvement from the student community went beyond the punch bag and the boxing gloves. Their genuine interest to volunteer and make a social investment was an eye opener.

Rang De Mumbai Chapter Members got together for a campaign at Start Up City Mumbai. Rang De congratulates their efforts.

The Mumbai chapter that was raring to go had their first public event at Start Up city. Seven volunteers along with Shirley created awareness and excitement among the participants of the Silicon India Start Up City event. While I only got to see the pictures, the excitement levels drove me to wishing that I was there.

To top up the week long frenzy was an unexpected story that came up in Eenadu – a leading telugu publication. They carried a page long story about Rang De which meant that we were almost manning a 24X7 call centre with the Live help ringing constantly with requests to partner, volunteer and of course social investments as well!

More about upcoming new chapters and tips on setting up a Rang De chapter in your own city. Watch out for the next post.


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