Rang De Chapters: A chance to be part of the solution

[Rohit Parakh is the president of Rang De UK Chapter and an active Rang De volunteer. In this post he talks about his experience as a Rang De volunteer and dwells upon the pivotal role played by Rang De volunteer chapters in creating an impact ]


With Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi at the End Child Slavery Week in London

Why join/lead a Rang De chapter?

Before answering the above-mentioned question, a round of introductions are in order. My name is Rohit Parakh and separate to my day-job at Deutsche Bank,I lead the Rang De UK Chapter on a voluntary basis.

Before my engagement with Rang De, I have always had my heart in the right place (I would like to think so atleast!) on issues of larger social relevance, but never actually got involved in any activities in this space.… Read further

Rang De Impact Confluence 2015: An update

No name could have been more apt for the just concluded meet of our impact partners’ than the name we conceived it with. It was a confluence of the best minds in the impact space, a sharing of values and a rekindling of the spirit to work towards holistic development in India. Stalwarts in the social development space such as Rajendra Joshi of Saath and Stan Thekaekera of Just Change were in attendance; their humility and dedication really bowled us over. The meet also brought together all our impact partners – ‘the real heroes’,  as we call them, our board members, our social investors and the entire Rang De team.… Read further

Letting go

Ram and Smita, Rang De’s co-founder, recently had the chance to meet with Ms Pervin Verma- Trustee, Child Rights and You. Here Smita writes about some of her impressions following that meeting.


A founder’s relationship with the organization he/she starts is not very different from a relationship between parents and their children. The founder and the parent both want to let go of their children at the appropriate time, but in both cases, they end up handholding for a lot longer than is needed.


In a founder’s case, this is referred to as The Founder’s Syndrome. The founder’s syndrome is a lot more evident in the case of non-profit organizations where passion is the key driver and is expected to be the driving force through out.
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Victory is sweeter when you share the #CupOfJoy

Logo Black (1)Every 4 years cricketing nations from all over the world come together to fight it out for the ultimate glory in their sport – the World Cup. After weeks of nail-biting matches and close-shaves when the tournament culminates in the coveted Cup being lifted by a team, it is a moment of pride. And in a country like India, where it is played not just on ground by 11 players but by over a billion people glued to their TV sets, cricket becomes much more than a sport.

We, at Rang De, thought that if cricket can make us rise above our differences, it could also be a powerful force for doing good for the society.… Read further

Rang De Impact Confluence 2015

[Smita, Co-founder, Rang De, writes about our upcoming Rang De Impact Confluence 2015]
 26 Feb- 1st Mar

I still remember the 1st field partner meet Rang De organised in Mahabalipuram in a tiny resort in December 2010. We had less than a handful of field partners who we were working with and the two day meet centred more around how we can work together more efficiently. An important outcome of this meet was a voluntary decision by our field partners to sign a resolution that we are committed to making low cost microcredit a reality. The resolution had the signatures of all the heads of our partner organizations.… Read further