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70 people, one mission.
70 people, one mission.

70 people, one mission.

Last week, Rang De held its annual Confluence where 18 Field Partners from 12 states came to JP Naik Centre for Education & Development. In three days, they discussed, shared, learned, unlearned and we got a chance to express our appreciation for all the hard work the Partners do throughout the year to help underserved communities across India. 

Social investors also attended from places as diverse as Singapore and Hyderabad while 32 social workers who have a combined experience of more than 200 years of social service took two-day train journeys from places as far as Imphal in Manipur and Balasore in Orissa to attend the Confluence. Read further

Why I run

I run because…

when the fresh morning air hits my face

it doesn’t matter if I’m young no more

it doesn’t matter that my career is going nowhere

it doesn’t matter that I don’t fit into a stereotype


I run because what matters is…

that single moment

that next step

and then the next

and the next


I run because every step…

fills me with life

makes me forget who I am

makes me forget what I can’t do

makes me feel like a winner


I run…

because I love to

because I need to stay sane

because I need to stay fit

because I can afford the luxury of exercise


I run because…

I don’t toil all day transplanting seedlings on my half-acre of land

I don’t work my fingers to the bone weaving from dawn to dusk

I don’t cry myself hoarse hawking fruits under the blazing sun

I don’t juggle three jobs to give my child one meal a day


I run because…

I don’t walk a mile to use an open toilet

I don’t bear a pot of water on my head and another on my hip

I don’t worry where my next meal will come from

I don’t sweat blood to survive


I run because…

I get water and electricity on demand

I only take but a step to use my toilet in privacy and peace

I can afford to carb-load

I can afford to up my protein intake


But I also run because I care…


I run in the hope that my miles …

will make a difference

will usher in a bountiful harvest for an impecunious farmer

will help an illiterate fruit-seller educate her little one

will allow a milkmaid gift her daughter the dignity of a closed toilet


You can make my miles count, by investing in a Rang De loan.… Read further

Volunteering is a work of heart

Spirit of volunteerism reached new levels during the recent Chennai floods

Spirit of volunteerism reached new levels during the recent Chennai floods

Many years ago when we relocated to UK for a brief stint, I started my professional work in Oxford as a volunteer at Oxfam’s headquarters. As a young social worker who was a big fan of Oxfam, this opportunity was extremely precious for me. To work as a volunteer in oxfam, one would still need to go through an interview process and get selected. I was mighty thrilled, therefore, when I got in. It also gave me an opportunity to understand the difference between volunteering in India and outside.

A lot has changed in the last few years in India.… Read further

Rice was not the staple food everywhere in India

Bablu Ganguly
Did you know that rice was not once the staple food in many places in South India? Did you know where the idea of chewing 32 times while eating came from? Did you know that the cost of gold has gone up 20 times since 1960 but the price of rice has only gone up by three or four times?

CK “Bablu” Ganguly, 59, presided over our latest Rangdezvous, a monthly initiative to help individuals learn from inspirational leaders in the rural development space, held at Thought Works’ office in Bengaluru over the weekend.

A stolid yet charming man dressed in a simple white kurta who instantly commanded the attention of the room with his gregarious persona, Bablu went up in front of an audience of 80 people that hailed from all walks of life and told us about his journey founding the Timbaktu Collective, an NGO that started from nothing and now works with 20,000 families from 170 villages, all of whom now lead improved and dignified lives in the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh.

Read further

Boat Club dinner, #MyStory, an Army veteran and a growing Pune family

Ram and Smitha share their story at TiE Pune

After almost a year, we had the opportunity to travel together and, following a couple of quick meetings in Mumbai and Indore, we headed to Pune.

We reached Pune on Thursday and had a great couple of days there. We have been interacting with the Pune chapter remotely and could sense the energy but we were blown away by what we experienced last week.

We were invited by TiE Pune for a #MyStory Session and it was a special experience as we got to share our journey together as a couple. Gautam, one of our chapter members, was also the moderator for the TiE event and made sure we had a fantastic conversation on stage.… Read further

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